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Summary format

You can find the format of the tournament in pdf format here.



The format will depend on the number of teams involved, between 16 and 24. You will find here the principles of the organization of this tournament.

1st phase:

Phase Poule on Friday afternoon: 4 pools of 4 teams. Each team meets all the other teams in their Poule. If 24 teams are taking part, 6 teams per group.

2nd phase: Mixing phase:

At the end of the 1st phase, the teams are classified in each group. The Poule of the second phase are formed by « sliding » the teams in another group according to the rank of each one.

The first of Poule A remains in its Poule, the second will go to Poule B, the Third Poule C, the fourth Poule D.

Here’s an example in a 16-team configuration

Poule E Poule F Poule G Poule H
1ier poule A   1ier poule B   1ier poule C   1ier poule D  
2e poule D 2e poule A 2e poule B 2e poule C
3e poule C 3e poule D 3e poule A 3e poule B
4e poule B 4e poule C 4e poule D 4e poule A

Each team meets all the teams in their Poule on Saturday. In the case of a configuration with 24 teams, creation of 6 new hens.

3rd phase: Mixing phase

The new groups are mixed on the same principle as in the 2nd phase.

At the end of this third phase, the teams are ranked. The first teams of each group will continue the tournament in the Hopla Cup, the second half of the teams will continue the tournament in the Hamster Cup.

Ranking phase and finals:

example in configuration 16 teams: for each tournament, 4 quarterfinals, 2 semifinals, a small final and a final.

Matches will be organized in parallel of the semi-finals between the eliminated of the quarter-finals, to establish a complete classification.