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You can find the pdf version of the rules here.



Hopla Cup 2019

International Tournament U11


1.1 Teams may consist of 7 players minimum to 12 players maximum. The game is played with 6 players (5 field players + 1 goalkeeper).

1.2 In 2019, boys and girls born in 2008 and after can take part in the Hopla Cup


2. Playground

2.1 The playing field will be 20m x 10m, the depth of the pool is 1.80m.

2.3 Penalty shots are fired at 4m.

2.4 The 2m zone will be delimited by a cone.

2.5 Goal size: 2m x 0.75m

2.6 The balloons used will be size 3.


3. Duration of the game

3.1 Each match will last 2 times of 12 minutes each with an interval of 3 min between times.

3.2 Time runs continuously and is stopped only in case of injury or technical incident.

3.3 In the semifinals and finals, time will be stopped after a goal and coaches will be allowed to request 1 time out of 1 minute per period.

3.4 The 30 second rule will not be applied.

3.5 The referee may decide that possession of the ball must be given to the other team if there is clear evidence of an intention to lose time.


4. Rules

4.1 During the game where the teams are playing with an equal number of players, an attacker may not stand in front of the opposing goal and up to 5m for more than 5 seconds.

4.2 The player who commits 4 major faults can not return to the field of play. Players who are brutal or who do not respect the other players or the referee will be excluded from the match. The player also risks a disqualification of the tournament depending on the seriousness of his actions.

4.3 The expelled player may immediately return to the field (except for brutality, violent play or lack of respect) after joining the exclusion zone marked by a hoop.

4.4 At any time during the game, a player may be replaced by leaving the field of play in the zone provided for this purpose and materialized by a hoop. The substitute can enter the field of play as soon as the outgoing player is in the hoop.

4.5 In defense: pressing is mandatory. Any player who will make a zone defense then will be excluded. A player is allowed to zone after committing a simple foul on a player on the periphery. However, he must return to pressing as soon as the foul has been played.

In all other cases, the general rules of Water Polo apply.

4.6 After a foul outside the 4-meter line, the attacking player may not shoot directly at the goal.

4.7 The goalkeeper can be replaced only in the following stages of the game:

a) after a goal has been scored

b) during the interval between play periods

c) in case of interruption of the match by the referee in case of injury


5. Points

5.1 The winning team will receive 3 points

5.2 In case of a tie, 1 point will be awarded to each team.

5.3 The losing team will receive 0 points.

5.4 After the end of the first phases of the tournament, in the event of a tie, the teams will do series of five shots. If, at the end of this phase, the teams have not split, each team will draw a penalty shot alternately until the victory of one of them. Players will shoot in the same order as in the first round of shots.

5.5 In the event two or more teams have the same points after the preliminary round matches, the following criteria will be used to determine the final position of the teams:

at. Match result between teams with equal points.

b. Higher goal difference between teams

c. More goals scored

d. Higher goal difference in the group

e. Most goals scored in the group


6. Referees

6.1 One referee per match

6.2 Two people at the scoring table to ensure that the rules of the game are respected, note the score and also to check if the entries and exits are done correctly, note the exclusion of players at the fourth personal foul.

6.3 One timekeeper per pool during pool or classification matches

6.3 A timekeeper by field to record the exact periods of real play, the intervals between the periods and the timeouts during the semi-finals and finals.


7. Miscellaneous

7.1 Only 1 coach and 1 assistant can sit on the bench.

7.2. The coach must never interfere with the referee’s work.

7.3 During the tournament, the coach, his assistant and the players will be obliged to carry the accreditation provided by the organizers.

Members of the same team will wear an identical outfit if possible.

7.5 The coach or his assistant will be automatically expelled in case of protest during a match and suspended at least for the next match. The decision will be made by the discipline committee of the event.

7.6 Any overflow of coaches or supporters in the stands making it difficult for the game to run will allow the referee to suspend the game temporarily. In case of recidivism, the game will end and a 5-0 loss will be assigned to the team whose supporters or officials are considered responsible for the incident.

7.7 In the event of overflow involving both teams or even the public of both teams, each team will be awarded a 5-0 loss.

7.8 All matters not provided for in this regulation are governed by the general rules defined by FINA and FIN.

7.9 All teams will attend the Awards Ceremony in its entirety and will wear the t-shirt provided to each participant and given at the time of arrival.


8. Fair Play Trophy

The Hopla Cup is an event based on ethics and strong values ​​of mutual respect and fair play. Everyone involved in this competition (children, coaches, team leaders, parents, supporters …) is bound to respect these values. In order to highlight these principles, the Hopla Cup Organizing Committee awards an award entitled « Fair Play Trophy ». The purpose of this award is to fight against reprehensible behavior and to praise and encourage good behavior. The assessment of each team will be recorded on the match sheet written by the secretary of each match. The assessment applies to all teams for all matches in the tournament.

At the end, the teams will be ranked according to an average score awarded in all matches of the tournament.

In the event of a tie in the classification of the said trophy, there will be a draw between the teams with equal points.